Singo Sushi



Home – A Little Hollywood

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A little Hollywood with your sushi.

“Small and intense, this rockin’ sushi joint is reminiscent of
the pumped-up places all over Miami Beach, New York and Los Angeles”
- RepAm Food Review


Home – Udon, Tempura, Etc.

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Udon, Tempura, and other delicious hot dishes!

Baked, sizzled, and fried, our hot dishes range from steamy udons to crispy calamaris.


Home – Tasty Japanese Fusion

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Tasty, Japanese fusion-style sushi

Singo’s delicious rolls are inventive and mouth-wateringly flavorful.


Home – Most Creative Rolls

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“Singo creates the most creative
sushi combinations I’ve ever seen.”

- Yelp Reviewer